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Iron Log Holder

Garden Trading - iron log holder
£59.99 £45.00

Rechargeable touch desk lamp

Adaptable rechargeable long life energy LED lamp.
£32.99 £20.00

8GB SD Card

Suitable for use with the In-Car Video Recorder.

Automatic Card Shuffler

Cut out the time it takes to properly shuffle after each hand, and the risk of cheating or card counting. Impress your friends with our professional style card shuffler which can simultaneously shuffle two packs of cards.
£12.99 £9.99

Battery Recharger with Batteries

Recharge your rechargeable batteries. Include batteries
£14.99 £9.99

Bracelet Buddy

Bracelets are so difficult to fasten with one hand so reach for your bracelet buddy.


Enjoy hours of fun and test your skills with the handy BridgeMate computer game. Play contract bridge against the computer with no need to make-up a party of four as the computer will play the other three hands. Please note: box is damaged but item is intact.

Cush ‘n’ Shade

Protect yourself from the summer sun and bag yourself this year’s ultimate summer accessory.
£35.00 £16.99

GPS Tracker

Streetwise: These trackers are a fantastic security device for vehicles and personal use. You can fix the tracker easily to your car battery for permanent power and leave under the bonnet, or charge the unit at home using the charger included.

Hearing Amplifier

Lifemax: This hearing amplifier is lightweight, convenient and comfortable for all day use, plus medically approved.

Heated Gloves

Our gloves feature an advanced battery operated heating system, which circulates gentle warmth around the hands.

Iron Log Holder

Garden Trading - iron log holder