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Golf Score Computer Plus

The perfect gift for a golf lover.
£19.99 £15.00

Panasonic Milano Body Shaver

Rechargeable Panasonic Body Shaver can be used in the shower under water or as a dry shave.
£40.00 £20.00


Enjoy hours of fun and test your skills with the handy BridgeMate computer game. Play contract bridge against the computer with no need to make-up a party of four as the computer will play the other three hands. Please note: box is damaged but item is intact.

Car to Car Charger/Jump Starter

Streewise: Simple to use, no need for booster cables or to even open the bonnet. Charges from a vehicle 12 v power socket.

Clever Socks

Banish those ugly and uncomfortable skin marks cause by elastic socks, & banish the pain caused by restricted circulation!

Decades of Steam dvd box set

In this 5 disc dvd box set, you'll see authentic footage of the finest products of Swindon, Doncaster, Darlington, Derby, Brighton, Eastleigh and elsewhere in their natural habitats.
£39.99 £23.99

Decorative Garden Hooks

Cast Iron decorative garden hooks from Fallen Fruits

Easy Car Rack

Streetwise: Handy portable roof rack for those unpredictable loads.
£44.99 £29.99

Golf Computer

The Golf Score Computer is the perfect golf companion to keep your score.
£10.99 £8.00

Grow Your Own Wembley Pitch

The perfect gift for any football fan. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!
£19.99 £13.99

Heated Gloves

Our gloves feature an advanced battery operated heating system, which circulates gentle warmth around the hands.

How to build a sportscar dvd

Follow Mike Brewer and his team build a sportscar on this dvd.
£9.99 £5.00