Paper Log Maker

Briquette Maker makes use of old newspapers with this natural and very effective alternative to burning charcoal. The paper briquettes burn easily eliminating the need for fire lighters or barbecue fuel.
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The newspaper briquettes burn steadily for up to two hours, are completely non-toxic and burns steadily for up to 2 hours, leaving minimum of ash.


Simply soak paper in water, fill the Log Maker, and then press down the handles to squeeze out excess moisture and leave to dry.


  • Creates logs up to 22cm long x 8cm wide x 10cm deep
  • Steel press for recycling paper into slow burning "briquettes"
  • Ideal for winter burning
  • When dry the “briquettes” will burn steadily for up to 2 hours, with no toxic fumes and minimal ash
  • Can also be used as a fuel for outdoor cooking
  • Coated steel press, with removable insert and instructions