Vintage Comedy DVD Box Set

Get your comedy fix from this vintage boxed set.

Get your comedy fix from this vintage boxed set.  

Includes classic short films from all your favourites such as Charlie Chaplin, W.C. Fields, plus Harold Lloyd & Friends. 
Charlie Chaplin, born in1889, became one of the most famous performers as well as a notable director and musician in the early to mid-Hollywood cinema era. Here he stars in six classic short films: The Rival Mashers, A Night Out, Cruel Love, Triple Trouble, Kid Auto Races,  At Venice and Film Johnny. 
W.C. Fields, born in1880 found his break in acting by pretending to drown at an amusement park to attract media attention and visitors. A skilful juggler and a master pool player, Fields was known as a distinguished comedian by the age of 19. His memorable voice and even more memorable quotes are priceless. Here he stars in six classic short films: The Pool Shark, The Dentist, The Golf Specialist, The Fatal Glass of Beer, The Pharmacist and The Barber Shop. 
Harold Lloyd & Friends, born in Nebraska in 1894, Harold Lloyd’s stage career began at the age of 12. He ranks alongside Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton as one of the most popular and influential film comedians of the silent film era, making nearly 200 comedy films, both silent and ‘talkies’, between 1914 and 1947.  Here, he stars in one classic film, Haunted Spooks, with additional films featuring Mack Sennett in Campus Vamp, plus Our Gang in Our Gang Follies, School’s Out and Bear Shooting.